“Anti-cyclist animosity”

July 1st, 2009

About the time I was reading through the backlog of information collected by Google Reader and came across this recent post to the DMN Transportation ‘blog, I received a message from a friend informing me, “You have come to the attention of BeloWorld.” The link directed me to the very same post. Closer inspection revealed that, indeed, a link to my summary of SB-488 was present. Only one problem; it was taken out of context.

Bicyclists were stunned at the turn of events..[sic] And I think they have a legitimate beef.

The reference to being stunned is an unattributed quote from a post to the TBC website in the hours following the veto. How anyone can construe my comments on SB-488 as substantiation of the irrational cries of foul from the supporters of this legislation is beyond my understanding. Perhaps the DMN and its editor are simply employing an unethical technique for garnering hits. My criticism of this superfluous legislation is unquestioned.

Some other jewels from this post…

I used to pedal my bike to the DART train station, lock it up and commute via rail.

No information as to why he stopped doing this. To speculate would be irresponsible. Nevertheless, the demeanor of the author leave little question.

I think motorists are bullies and react out of proportion to the perceived inconvenience.

This is among the most irresponsible and unsubstantiated claims made by timid, inexperienced cyclists. The majority of motorists are not bullies, nor do they overreact to the situation. I can count on one hand the number of times in any given month when I experience harassment of any type by motorists. When one considers the fact that the author no longer commutes by bicycle, it boggles the mind that he can offer such a definitive statement on the motives of those with whom he no longer has any interaction.

A follow-up post was published this morning, wherein the author – remember no longer a bicycle commuter – encourages readers to visit the Texas Bicycle Coalition website and sign their petition of whiners threatening Governor Perry that he will be remembered for his decision come the next election. Of course, one is immediately prompted to ask how many of these signatories actually voted in the last state election. History suggests fewer than half.

This is yet another example of an uneducated, novice cyclist penning a treatise on a subject for which he has little experience. In addition to spreading FUD and propaganda, he has incorrectly referenced my content as an argument in favor of “Safe Passing” legislation.

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  1. ChipSeal says:

    I left a comment asking if Mr. Jones had read the links he posted in his coulmn. He then posted this reply:

    “Posted by rodger jones @ 2:49 PM Thu, Jul 02, 2009
    Yikes! Thanks for the contribution. I moved through this one too fast for anyone’s good.
    I appreciate the comment”

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